Wednesday, April 04, 2007
Pink Punk Freud (PL)
Their backgound goes as far as yass or punk rock. Their music embraces rock, jazz, klezmer, drum'n'bass and downtempo, among many others.

Dressed in improvisation, groove and genius, innovation and ordered chaos, this year Wojtek Mazolewski, on bass, loop and sampler, Kuba Staruszkiewicz, on drums, Tomek Zietek, on trumpet, and Tomek Duda, on sax, delivered us Punk Freud, an album told in 10 chapters where Pink Freud explore their sound further, combining it with new elements, handing us such a fresh sound, so live and so damn appealing. It looks as if these instruments have a life of their own.

Among the wealthy disorder reigning on this record, there is also time for smooth and delicate soundscapes as on Wszystko Plynie, for beautifully driven sax moments as on Sex Przemoc Lek i Niemoc, for trumpet and sax dialogues as shown on Piasek Piasek Kupa Piasku and for chill-out breezes as on Porno Pogoda.

For Pink Freud it all started back in 1998 when four young lads decided to band, but not just a band...... Almost 10 years later we have among us not a promise but a fact. Pink Freud have been taking their sound throughout Europe and their records collecting positive critics everywhere.

On Punk Freud there is still some time for a new revision of Charles Mingus' Canon and other moments of inspiration and dynamism. Dziwny Jest Ten Kraj, Velvet and Police Jazz are a perfect example of that.

After last year's Contemporary Noise Quintet's debut, this year's jazz world kicks out on its best with Pink Freud.

Check their cover for Nirvana's Come As You Are right here, together with Jazz Fajne Jest (together with a remix by Peepol) right next. Listen to some other tracks at their MySpace.

Buy their album and support Pink Freud.

Come As You Are
Jazz Fajne Jest
Jazz Fajny Jest (Peepol rmx feat. Mika Urbaniak)

Check our agenda for Pink Freud live in concert.

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