Thursday, August 30, 2007
Get a ticket to Terrakota's Oba Train (PT)
Got the tickets? So prepare yourselves!!!!

Get the drums ready. Get your best shoes!! Get your clothes packed. Do not forget!!! You want them comfortable, loose and funky enough!!!

The train is here. The train is at its stop and is waiting for you all!!!

The reggae, roots, dub, African/Jamaican ethnic music inspired collective Terrakota are back with Oba Train, a 12 track album where Romi and partners lay down some of the most interesting and richest music made in Portugal lately. Music made in Portugal but with a scent of the world. Africa, South America, Cuba, Jamaica and others.... they all meet here.

With an album sung in several idioms (Portuguese, English, French, Spanish, Yoruba, Wollof), Terrakota return sounding more confident than ever, with their amalgamation of sounds transforming itself into an unique party we're all invited to, together with special guests U-Roy , Conductor (Buraka Som Sistema) and Ikonoklasta (Conjunto Ngonguenha).

Apart from the the music, their songs tell us stories about the world we live today: racism, capitalism, terrorism, diseases,.... but as well on happiness, joy and hope.

Do you have your bags packed? Got the ticket already? So step into Oba Train and join
Romi, Junior, Alex, Francesco, Humberto, Nataniel, Davide and Ze.

Check Terrakota live on the following dates:

07/09 @ Semintesta Festival, Frascati, Italy
09/09 @ Acqua Viva Festival, Siena, Italy
11/09 @ Festival Lusitano, Salerno, Italy
14/09 @ Grosseto, Italy (not confirmed yet)
21/09 @ Estarreja, Portugal (not confirmed yet)
22/09 @ Cascais, Portugal

04/10 @ Madeira Island, Portugal (not confirmed yet)
05/10 @ Lisbon, Portugal (not confirmed yet)
11/10 @ Guimaraes, Portugal (not confirmed yet)

17/11 @ Galicia, Spain (not confirmed yet)

Listen to the album right here, on their online jukebox. You can buy it as well on this online store.

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