Tuesday, August 21, 2007
Under the Radar with .... Julia Marcell (PL)
"... My name is Julia and I write songs....."

These are the words Julia Marcell used to introduce herself to the world. Sellaband sky rocket, this Olsztyn-based young artist is taking her piano driven melodies to the world; and believe me, her world is getting bigger and bigger!!!

Having written her first song when she was just seven years old, by the age of eighteen two home recordings of hers had already seen the lights as demos.

This year, she's back with Storm EP, a 5 track release that captures some of the most beautiful songs from her repertoire. Starting with captivating piano notes dropping slowly as Julia's remarkable vocals slide, delicately whispered, along these enchanting 3 minutes of music on Twin Heart. Going further more, there's time for my favourite song, The Roads.

Compared to the likes of Joanna Newsom, Tori Amos or Regina Spektor, Julia gathers within these 5 tracks beautifully written lyrics, incredibly delicate and, yet sometimes, intense piano drunk melodies, altogether with violin magic sound powders, viola, cello and her unforgettable voice. 5 tracks perfectly sung in English (no accent at all) make this debut one of the most interesting releases this year, on this side of Europe.

As part of the Sellaband community, she was mentioned by the British newspaper The Guardian as a band to keep an eye on. So far, in a very short period, Julia gathered something like $25000 already. Once she hits the $50000, it is time for the long play debut.

But Julia Marcell is not only Julia Marcell. This project sees Anna Caban, on violin; Adam Bruderek, on violin; Anna Prokopczuk, on viola; Patrycja Taradejna, on cello; delivering their contribution to this extraordinary 5 tracks Storm EP.

Check this young artist on her MySpace, site or at her Sellaband. If so, invest yourself 10 bucks on Julia Marcell. For sure it'll be worth it!!!!

Jack The Ripoff - mp3 download here.

The album can be bought here. Just follow the link.

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