Tuesday, November 27, 2007
Let's put up a fight..... Umpletrue's Fab Fight (PT)
Let’s go back to the year 2003. We’re in Marinha Grande, a Portuguese city known by its glass industry. As many other industrial cities, this one is also growing several interesting music projects. Among them are Umpletrue.

It all started with Carlos Martins, on vocals and programming, and with Jose Duarte on drums. This was another project among those they already embraced and another escape for their creativity. Carlos plays on The Clits, Annette Blade and used to play on ZedIsANeonLight, Processo 13, Pull and Rease. Jose Duarte was also part of Ease and Elo, and currently plays with Dapunksportif and A MANIaCT. For Fab Fight, their debut long play, they were joined by Tiago Granja on guitar and electronic sounds wizardry.

Three years ago, on a DIY spirit, they released the EP Pills, their first release ever. Two years later we would see the release of Fab Fight, once again released on their own. A quick jump over to Budapest and Umpletrue were playing live in front of an enthusiastic crowd. Among those were Adolfo Luxuria Canibal - Mao Morta, ......, - and Antonio Rafael. The performance, the music and the attitude got them a chance to re-release Fab Fight, now on Cobra Discos. And quickly we get to 2007.

Fab Fight gathers a total of 9 tracks. 9 tracks that have absorbed the teachings of 80’s electro pop, late 90’s electronic beats, rock constant mutations and this century’s caotic hability to mix these fragile ingredients so properly getting in the end an album that breathes progressive loop-driven electronic textures, pop-structured songs and some damn fine dancing tunes that work as the perfect invitation for anyone to get him/herself to the dance floor.

Constant hipnotic and fat beats, athmospheric backgrounds served together with female whispered sexy vocals (just check Night Club Dance Routine), catchy lines and some arse kickin' contagious electronic beats.

Once we go through this Fab Fight we are taken into several different rooms. There’s the Mezzanine room, (Such a Good Deed), decorated with more emotional textures, darker, low-tempo and hipnotic soundscapes; the Adrenaline Addict room, (Something, ....) where distorted vocals marry with warp speed progs and minimal electronic tentacles that are sure to pump saturated doses of adrenaline right into your mind.
Budapest in t, one of my favourite tracks, is a lonely guest at the Theatre room. It starts with a kind of perfomance, where someone tells us about this man and a certain woman that keeps asking „Do you want to see me naked?”. All this, wrapped up in beautifully constructed electronic melodies that keep growing until they reach climax.

„..... A Historia deste homem..... Nao sabia de nada e acordou..... Ha uma pessoa que anda por ali, um vulto, uma voz...... queres ver-me nua? Queres ver-me nua? E ela fala, fala, e ele, fica sentado......”

Umpletrue’s Fab Fight was an amazing discovery. Do yourself a favour and discover them as well!!!!!
Check some of their music on their MySpace and right here.

N.Y., their first single, can be seen right next. The album, can be bought right here.


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