Friday, November 16, 2007
Micro Audio Waves' Odd Size Baggage (PT)
Claudia Efe, C.Morg and Flak are Micro Audio Waves (MAN). Together, they decided to greet 2007 with their latest album, Odd Size Baggage, a monument to electronic music made in Portugal.

Gathering the likes of Francisco Rebelo (from Cool Hipnoise and Spaceboys) and Samuel Palitos, these five adventured themselves on this 12 track journey. A journey that would take them to breathe the green fields of pop music, wonder through the mysteries of minimal electro and dive into a whole new world of refined and experimental electronic tunes.

Micro Audio Waves go back to the year 2000, when they were still a duo. Years later, Claudia Efe was to join them and this would become the breakpoint on their sound structure. With Claudia on board and with her vocal capacities (she simply goes from spoken work to a hypnotic singing), MAN took off to a different destiny, sunnier, “poppier”, more attractive, more theatrical and less experimental than their self-titled debut album or their second release, No Waves.

Still looking back at their past and not fearing to change, this last chapter is their most ambitious and promising album. Odd Size Baggage not only presents beautiful electro pop moments (Shadow of Things, Down by Flow or the highly recommendable aesthetical ambient Long Tongue), but as well some other incursions to other electronic lands (the “trip-hopster”, groovy Curl Like a Cannon Ball, the 120 mph rockin’ beats of 2 Night (U & I), the loopy spoken word fat beats of That’s Me Man, Half a Man,…..).

With No Waves, their 2004 album, came the international recognition. After winning the Qwartz Electronic Music Award for Best Album and Best Video, they saw John Peel considering their album one of the most exciting releases that year. If recent years looked this way, the future ahead of Micro Audio Waves can only look brighter. After all, they just got nominated for the Qwartz 2008 edition.

This is Odd Size Baggage, a trunk carrying a total of 12 fine tracks. I already checked it in. What about you?

Get the album right here.

And in the end, a superb desert, the video for the track 2 Night (U & I).


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