Tuesday, November 13, 2007
Norton's Kersche (PT)
Kersche [Kér-sxe]


1. "Word that had origin in a studio night, where names were set loose.

Apparently a meaningless word. Involved in the design of the record and in the aesthetic of the sound, gaining crystal form, polished diamond, transparent...."

Some come up with fictitious languages; others come up with new words. These Castelo Branco–based lads came up with Kersche for their latest album release.

After the release of the 2004 Pictures From Our Thoughts and 2005’s Frames > Remixes & Versions, the time was for change for Pedro, Rodolfo, Alexandre and Leonel. This change arrived with these 40 minutes 11 track long play (one hidden track).

Looking at the sound breezes that come galloping from the vast icy Scandinavian lands, Norton pulled up their sleeves, worked hard, and delivered here their best album so far. Beautiful songs, all sung in English (Our June and Lowlands are instrumental), embodied in silky textures with scents of pop and rock music, drunk in lo-fi ambient electronic backgrounds, surrounded by warm synth-driven melodies and cold Icelandic post-rock winds. Delicate, morning-wake up look-alike vocals, fragile chorus, happy singing guitar strings and those tiny piano notes dropping so smoothly do the rest, perfuming this Kersche so intensively.

This is an album that reveals itself every time you listen to it, stripping itself slowly. New sounds, details and melodies emerge every time you press play!!!

The album guests The Gift’s Nuno Goncalves, Jaguar’s Filipa Venancio, Starlux’s Joao Valente, Manuel Simoes and Joao Santos.

Come and discover Kersche. Listen to the melancholic swirls of Cinnamon & Wine (their first single), to the electro-pop orientated Spherical Hearts and to little pop pearl Pleased to Get Home. I Kersche, what about you!!!

Check them live on the following dates. For more details, just follow this link.

16th Nov. @ Sala Berlin, Zamora, Spain
22nd Nov. @ Sala Mercantil, Badajoz, Spain

Cinnamon & Wine (just follow the link)

The album, right here (cdgo)

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