Friday, November 30, 2007
Caffeine's Last Shot (PT)
Their self-titled debut album was Caffeine’s first and only release until they faded away into other adventures. Now, 10 years after their first steps, we see their “return” with Last Shot, an online album, gathering a total of nine tracks put together for a supposed second release that would never see the light.

As before, their music continues traveling calmly on the seas of indie rock and those of baroque pop, under deep engraved melodic storms and melancholic nights.

Caffeine were Pedro Falacho, on keyboards, Miguel Falcao, on bass, Pedro Pascoinho, on drums and percussion, Carlos Pascoinho, on guitars, and Claudio Mateus, on vocals, guitars, groovebox and percussion. Their music spoke mainly about love: misled relationships, love problems and problems facing reality. Furnished with rich tapestry, loaded with constant mood twists and turns; the sound of sliding, melodic and wisely maneuvered guitars, catchy chorus, charming and discrete piano notes, compassing bass, warm, surrounding and distinctive vocals.

Out of these 9 tracks, we strongly recommend the indie rebel Rise, the guitar-driven, sound evolving and warm Roll On and the “gigantic” Bad Temper’s Slave.

Discover Last Shot. Regardless whether you knew Caffeine or not, you’ll find these thirty eight minutes quite worthy.

Get the album right here. Artwork included. By the way, this release has Honeysound’s touch, being its little baby, RaroEscuro, first album release.

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  • At 10:37 AM, Anonymous Engraved Pens said…

    i didnt even know about this! thank you!
    this is so great.. i loved their stuff.


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