Sunday, December 09, 2007
Lobster's Sexually Transmitted Electricity (PT)
No one ever said it should run smoothly!!!
No one ever said you'd show it to your mum!!!
No one ever said it'd be playing Sunday morning on church!!!
No one???? Fuck no one!!!! Welcome Lobster!!!

Sexually Transmitted Electricity is Guilherme Canhao and Ricardo Martins' Xmas gift for all of us. Under the mask of Lobster these two Lisbon-based lads terrorise those who dare to press the button play and step into this noise-rock crusade.

Guilherme on the guitar and Ricardo on drums are the two men behind this unique and terrorising sound machine. Guitars screaming wildly, contorting in pain. Streams of pure and raw sound waves. Volcanic drum eruptions, enraged and furious. A tremendous sound orgy.

The sound explodes in front of you, violently, yet sometimes smoother, but you keep smilling, happily. You know what has to be done. Volume on maximum and hit the road. Fast like never before, never looking back.

This is not an easy record. No one said it would be.

Welcome these 13 tracks with your arms open wide. Take this beating.... and enjoy it

Sexually Transmitted Electricity can be found here.

Dr. Phil
Sexually Transmitted Electricity
Wave Simulator

You know what? Keep it Brutal!!!!

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