Saturday, December 01, 2007
Rospuda Valley soundwaves (PL)
I really do not know where to start with this compilation. Lost Lands, Tribute to Rospuda River Valley, was the way several Polish artists found to alert us on the drama Rospuda River Valley started facing early this year.

Lying in the heart of Poland, this valley captured public attention some months ago, when several Polish youngsters and Greenpeace supporters stood still in front of several machines that were treatning to destroy this natural sanctuary.

In the name of progress, or greed, local deputies and governament wished to build an highway where today, lies one of the most beautiful and untouched natural areas in Poland. House to several animal species and other unique treasures, this valley got not only public attention but, as well, that of several Polish musicians. Among these are Blue Hand, Comx, Enes & Pinknoise, Krypton, Mr. S, Quantifier, Stealpot and The-One. They all said yes and willingly stepped into this noble action.

Lo-fi ambient textures spiced with rockin' breakbeats, cutting edge bass, industrial and minimal techno. This is Rospuda River Valley's heartbeat. While machines still roar on this record as to remind of this iminent danger, other soundwaves take you deep inside Rospuda. If you have never been to this valley, this music will definitively take you there. I've flown across it a couple of times already.

Get this compilation right here. Discover Poland's electronic music cream and some of their new, remixed and revised tracks. Discover Rospuda River Valley.

Support GreenPeace & Rospuda.

"...Lost Lands album is our private interpretation of things happening in our region, by our homeland, inside our life. We are the part of the nature, so let nature be the part of us..."

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