Friday, December 07, 2007
Tomek's Ostatnie Wspolne Zdjecie (PL)
With two albums out on the streets, the 2002 Makowiecki Band and 2005’s Piosenki Na Nie, Tomek Makowiecki decided to drop by this year with Ostatnie Wspolne Zdjecie, his best album up to today, and Poland’s pop pearl this 2007 alongside with Kasia Nosowska’s Unisexblues.

As we start working on this year’s Best, we’ve noticed that Poland was lacking some good pop releases. Luckily, Tomek might have heard us and Ostatnie Wspolne Zdjecie arrived to our desk. Within 11 tracks, we are taken into a world lying under pop sunlight, where streets are painted with delicate melodic colours and bathed with melancholic breezes, whispering tiny little stories as well walk through this album.

Ostatnie Wspolne Zdjecie is pop; a rich, varied and cinematic pop album that blinks an eye, here and there, to other trends. Within it, rich arrangements, catchy chorus, nicely played guitar chords, deep heart warming vocals, full-bodied textures and melodies…. melodies that flow smoothly, embracing us and making us dream of those beautiful and colourful autumn evenings…...

Among these 11 tracks, our choice goes to the Air flavoured Glosy Przyjaciol, the catchy pop Nie Jestes Sam, the cinematic Na Moich Oczach … and Z Toba Bylbym...

The version for Serge Gainsbourg and Brigitte Bardot’s Bonnie & Clyde, sung together with Ania Dabrowska, came as a disappointment, as it does not bring anything special. Still, the other 10 tracks make it quite worth discovering this Ostatnie Wspolne Zdjecie.

Discover the music of Tomek on his webpage or at his MySpace.
The album can be found here.

And now..... Nie Jestes Sam...

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