Sunday, December 02, 2007
Under the Radar with .... Max Weber (PL)
“…Maximilian Carl Emil Weber was a German political economist and sociologist who is considered one of the founders of the modern study of sociology and public administration…. He was influential in contemporary German politics, being an advisor to Germany's negotiators at the Treaty of Versailles and to the commission charged with drafting the Weimar Constitution….”

This was the German Max Weber; now, it's time for the Polish Max Weber.

Artur Chmarzynski on drums, Kamil Strzyzewski on guitar, bass and vocal and Tomasz Jacak on guitar, bass and vocal are three friends that decided to have a band of their own, after years of playing together sporadically.

Hailing from Mazowsze, Sobienie, this trio is responsible for a sound situated mainly within the alternative rock spectrum. This year these three lads decided to release their debut 4 track demo. Recorded in one evening in a studio over in Warsaw, this reflects their work for the past few months, since they got together back in 2005.
With characteristic, melodic and, yet sometimes, raw vocals, Max Weber sound to dirty guitar riffs mating with melodic, loose guitars, in a room packed with saturated bass lines. There is, as well, space for some shoegazin' attitude as it can be heard on their track Crack of Dawn.

Even though Kings of Convenience, Coldplay or even Madlib are among some of the band members' favourite artists, as you go through their demo and live recordings, you'll unveil other bands that inspired these guys. We're talking mainly of Sonic Youth, Placebo and Smashing Pumpkins.

Do not forget to visit their MySpace where you can find some tracks not available on their demo. The latter can be found here, as free download.

Meanwhile, check them in concert this December:

2nd of December, in Otwock, @ Klub Smok.

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