Monday, February 04, 2008
Under the Radar with ..... Walter Benjamin (PT)
On the first 2008's Under the Radar edition we take some time with a new project that is taking over the alternative radio airwaves in Portugal, conquering more and more fans everywhere.

Walter Benjamin (1892 - 1940) was a German Marxist literary critic, essayist, translator, and philosopher....

Walter Benjamin is also the Lisbon-based folk artist that recently saw the release of his debut full lenght album, The National Crisis, after the 2007's EP The Dog Follows the Bull.

Being part of Jesus, the Misunderstood and Goodbye Toulouse, Walter decided to embark on this new adventure all by himself as these songs had more meaning outside these two bands.

Defining himself as a normal person that loves music and that sometimes, gets his yellow hat on, and starts singing some songs, Walter continues this 2008 the folk "golden era" that Mazgani and Sean Riley & The Slowriders unveiled last year.

These are beautifully written delicate songs, crowded with weeping melodies, sounding melancholic and sad, even though sometimes they shine as much as a nice Summer day. Together with his "cheap" acoustic guitar, the tear dropping piano notes, percussion, synths and other instruments, were are told little and personal stories, mainly on matters of love and death, flavoured with slow paced trembling vocals and a touch of Uncle Sam's folk tunes.

With influences ranging from The Magnetic Fields and Lambchop, down to Lou Reed, Leonard Cohen and Elliott Smith, among many others, Walter Benjamin, the musician, is surely a name to keep an eye on.

The National Crisis, a strongly recommended album, can be bought at Merzbau and enjoyed right here. His first EP, The Dog Follows The Bull can be downloaded right here, free of charge.

For more, drop by Walter's MySpace and listen to the superb Paris.

"..... I want to kill you so much....
..that it even hurts...."

photo by Vera Marmelo.


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