Thursday, May 22, 2008
Goodbye, by Anita Lipnicka & John Porter (PL)
They have both been around for some time, on solo and with other projects. As a duo, it all started back in 2002. After the release of their debut album, Nieprzyzwoite Piosenki, in 2003, and later, in 2005, Inside Story, the couple Anita Lipnicka and John Porter released early this year their third album, Goodbye, which, according to the band, marks the end of this project.

This eleven track record sees Chris Eckman taking care of production, as previously on Inside Story. The result is a journey throughout the sounds of Americana and country-folk, with beautiful and calm pop painted surroundings.

Goodbye welcomes us with fancy arrangements, catchy choirs and interpretations. The arrangements are fed by dreamy violin and cello sounds, banjo chords and a tantalising blow section. Anita and John then do the rest, singing quite sure of themselves, with their captivating voices, digging deep in your soul, finding that safe and warm place inside everyone's heart. Autumn-sad tunes are followed by happier spring-like melodies, melancholic backgrounds and nicely built textures, decorated with the sounds of several instruments (harmonicas, banjos, guitar, pianos, bass, sax, percussion,.....).

The album is some steps bellow its predecessor but still, it is really worth buying and listening for a good couple of times. Tracks like Lonesome Traveller, Good to See You, Secret Wish, You're Not The Only One and Runner Run will for sure keep you close to your stereo, sitting on the floor, holding a glass of red wine and dreaming.......

Get their album right here.

Old Time Radio, by Anita and John.

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