Saturday, September 06, 2008
Music@PL.PT today and tomorrow
Hello to all our readers.

As you have noticed lately, Music@PL.PT has not leaked any word on the past few months.... The situation shall continue this way until we release the new Music@PL.PT service.

My day to day life, the lack of sponsorship and other issues has let me down slightly when thinking about promoting Portuguese and Polish music. Early this year the thought of completely closing Music@PL.PT has pumped up to my mind more than once. Luckily, after talking to both readers and artists, I've decided to stick to this site.

Currently, with the support of Mr. Vitorino Araujo, we're working on a new Music@PL.PT, something that will make Portuguese and Polish music proud of. We hope to launch this service still this year, hopefully, before November 2008.

In order to bring you a better service, we are looking for people eager to participate on this project and help us taking these sounds everywhere in the world.
In case you're keen on Portuguese and/or Polish music or cinema, in case you're always there, when a Polish or Portuguese band play live, and in case you'd like to share it with more people..... contact us... we're looking for more people to support this project.

Album reviews, concert reviews, new bands....... you name it!!! if made in Poland or Portugal, Music@PL.PT is the place for it.

for those interested on this project, please contact me @:


I'll share with you more info on this project.

Let Portuguese and Polish music fly far far away.....
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