Thursday, May 11, 2006
Bandex and BangGuru - Live @ SB (PT)

Tomorrow evening @ SB (Parque das Nacoes - Lisbon), two of the most interesting Portuguese new acts, Bandex and BangGuru, will be taking over the night.

Rumba, hip-hop, dub, salsa, rock, jazz. All in one. All in Bandex. All this Friday.
More info on Bandex here.

Music@PL.PT recommends Nite Line, American Flag and Chico Bam Bam. All the album plus several remixes available for download on their site.

With the debut self-titled album released by Chiado Records (home for Bandex as well) BG are more focused on electronic sounds. Listening to their debut album seems like going on a trip through the sounds of world music, mellow electronic pop and electro beats from the 90s. Basically, a band to watch for.

Music@PL.PT recommends in this case Beam of Life, Target Love and Isn't That So Nice He Said?

Their EPs can be downloaded from the Netlabel iDEOLOGY. Highly recommended!!!
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