Tuesday, April 17, 2007
Inept Vision by Holdcut (PL)

We've talked about Holdcut recently. It is time to talk about this young man once again.

This April saw Holdcut releasing Inept Vision, the latest album to an existing extense list. 15 tracks of break-beats, hip-hop, downtempo, jazzy textures and ambient moods. Real life soundtracks, fast forward world music zapping and songs dressed in such gigantic proportions.

Inept Vision sees as well a superb list of special guests joining this cause. Edas, Dj. Krime, Dj. Primeminister, Duze Pe, Magdalena Dziegiel and Seledyn enrich this album in such manner. The sound expands itself, crossing new frontiers. The music sounds more organic than before. It smells to curry, to Ali Baba and to the Orient Express.
This is music that tells stories.... about you, about me, about them... music that perspires emotions and takes us to a world of fantasy, where dreams come out of television screenings.

Inept Vision has arrived with its incredible beats and scratches, cut & paste techniques, scents and melodies. Altogether, one of his most accomplished releases so far and a good suprise for this 2007. Our five stars go to the tracks We Were Here (with Magdalena Dziegiel and Duze Pe), Furious Feelings, Abstract Moment, Friendship? (with Magdalena Dziegiel) and Forgot Music (feat. Seledyn).

Check it out temporarily right here. Permanent address should get back to shape quite soon.

Discover right next, the promo video for Inept Vision.

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