Thursday, January 11, 2007
This month at Firlej (PL)
One of our recommended clubs, Firlej, in Wroclaw, has selected for this January some of Poland's most interesting music projects.

Starting tomorrow, Ete Popup, Baaba, Oles & Oles, Husky and other artists will perform this month, at this Wroclawian club.

Minimal electronic, ambient, transe, d'n'b beats. All got together and started Ete Popup.

Currenly Ete Popup are promoting Rekonstrukcje Zdarzen, their 2007 album. Michal, Pawel, Tomo, Barnaba, Yasiu and Matek, plus special guest Ja-x, will drive through their world of little pleasant noises.

Oles & Oles are the brothers Marcin and Bartlomiej Oles.

Having worked with several artists in Poland and out there, they are to show their jazz music, on the 19th of January, in Wroclaw, at Firlej.

Aleksandra Osiecka, Olga Olech, Katarzyna Mirowska and Anna Rejda are The Sound Office, a Wroclaw-based quartet. With two records out already, their sound talks jazz but the vocal contribution, with their four voices takes this group to higher grounds. Tracks by Glenn Miller, Count Basie, Tom Jobim, some Polish compositors and others can be found on their line-up.

Live they're joined by Robert Jarmuzek, Jakub Olejnik and Likasz Sobolak.

Amusement park synths, chinese ding 'a' longs, minimal beats with an happy smile, Michael Nyman gone disco ........ all this is to be found at Baaba's Poope Musique.
This is the magical world of Baaba. This is the world of Bartek Weber, Tomek Duda, Wojtek Mazolewski and Maciek Morus. Please say the word and step inside.....

Patrycja Hefczynska, (vocals), and Jacek Dojwa, (machinery), are Husky. This Wroclaw-based downtempo, electro-pop duo released this Autumn their second album, Zgadnij, on 2-47 records.
Delicate, sensual, laid back and with a touch of Scandinavia, Patrycja's voice and Jacek's electronic textures bring us to memory the likes of Moloko, Moa, Bjork, Everything But The Girl and Peggy Lee.......


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